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"Leaving traces is inevitable as human beings, and I strongly believe
that our stories, our heritage and our individual experiences have an enormous impact on our shared experiences.
As a performing artist I am part of this important aspect as a bridge, a transmission through the practice of ephemeral art, and believe that the artist plays a valuable asset to the development of our society."


Maria Stamenković Herranz is a Spanish-Serbian performance interdisciplinary artist. She graduated from the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance in London and Maggie Flanigan Acting Studio in New York.
Over the course of thirty years, her body has been her prima materia. Her work uncovers the power of the resilient body and underscores the present body inhabiting time and space with and in relation to the viewer. It incorporates various mediums - performance, theatre, visual arts - to explore her fascination in breaking pre-established notions of cultural narratives and myths.
Since 1998 MSH has presented her work internationally in a diverse range of contexts and forms: Fragile Panic (Martch Art Gallery, Istanbul, 2022), This Mortal House Building 2 (Carré Theater, Amsterdam, 2022), Metamorphosis of Landscapes (Art Biennale of Bangkok, 2021), This Mortal House Building 1 (Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul, 2020), Medea: Impulse & Ear (Benaki Museum, Athens, 2016).
She has collaborated extensively with other artists in film, photography, media, choreography, theatre and performance in acclaimed venues such, amongst others, Jan Fabre (Je suis sang & History of Tears, Cour d'Honneur Palais des Papes, Avignon, 2005-2007), Marina Abramovic (The Artist is Present, MoMa, New York, 2010) and Deborah Kampmeier (Split, Sarasota Film Festival, 2016).


Metamorphosis of Landscapes

This Mortal House 
The Doctor 
Medea:Impulse & Ear 
Teach Us… 
El Doble Durmiente 
26 de Octubre 2007 
Provenance Unknown 
La Fabula The Wrong… 
Do U C Me You
La Fábula 

2021 Art Biennale of Bangkok, Thailand

2020 Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul
2017 Dansstationen, Malmö, Sweden
2016 Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece
2012 Bank Street Theater, New York
2008 Festival Radicals, Teatro Lliure, Bcn, Spain
2007 International Festival of Dance, CCCB, Spain
2007 Santa Monica Museum, Barcelona, Spain
2006 Troubleyn & Monty Theater, Belgium
2005 Teatro Montemor-O-Novo, Portugal
2005 Galería Métronom, Barcelona, Spain
2004 Nadine, Brussels, Belgium
2003 Espaço do Tempo, Portugal
2002 Centro Cívico of Barceloneta, Spain
2000 Durmitor Seminar, Monte Negro
1998 Chocrain Theater, London


Chromatic Dinner 
Relation in Time 
The Artist is Present 

2019 Martin Butler Vienna Design Week, Vienna
2015 Marina Abramović Pier 23, NY, EE.UU
2014 Marina Abramović FIFA Adidas, NY, EE.UU
2010 Marina Abramović MoMa, NY, EE.UU


Nervous System 
My Revolution Is Better… 
El Público 
Tiger Tail 
Off the Muff 
Acts of Love 
Lucky Penny 
My Albatross 
Storytelling night 
Family Ocassions 
Dias de los Muertos 
Fool for Love & Closer 
Beautiful Me 
Je Suis Sang 
History Of Tears
The Crying Body 
La Donna Manca 
Puppet Master 

2019 Dir. Marcel Weber Festival Atonal, Kraftwerk, Berlin
2018-19 Dir. Sanja Mitrović Theatre Nanterre, Paris, KVS, Brussels & etc.
2015-17 Dir. Alex Rigola Teatro Abadía, Teatro Nacional Catalunya
2013 Dir. Karen Koolhas Atlantic Studios, NY, EE.UU
2013 Dir. Elissa Blynn White Box Gallery, NY, EE.UU
2013 Dir. David Deblinger Ella Lounge, NY, EE.UU
2012 Dir. David Deblinger Cherry Lane Theater, NY, EE.UU
2012 Dir. Jessica Jaber Bank Street Theater, NY, EE.UU
2012 Dir. Root Collective Sleep No More, NY, EE.UU
2012 Dir. Maggie Flanigan Labyrinth Theater, Bard College, NY, EE.UU
2011 Dir. Alberto Bonilla Latea Theater, NY, EE.UU
2011 Dir. Charles Goforth Center Stage, NY, EE.UU
2006-08 Choreo. Stephanie Tiersch Teatro Lliure, Barcelona, Spain & tour
2006-07 Dir. Jan Fabre Festival Avignon, Palais des Papes & tour
2005-06 Dir. Jan Fabre Festival Avignon, Palais des Papes & tour
2005 Dir. Jan Fabre Théâtre de la Ville Paris, France & tour
2004 Dir. Jan Fabre Théâtre la Monnaie du Bruxelles, Belgium
2003-04 Choreography Sol Picó Teatro Nacional, Barcelona & tour
2002 Choreography M. Butler Fraskati Theater, Amsterdam & tour
2001 Choreography M. Butler Moving Mime Festival, Tilburg & tour


In Between 
Early Learnings
Hotel Pensylvannia 

2016 Dir. Deborah Kampmeier Maggie
2015 Dir. Carlos Baptista The Girl
2014 Dir. Chris Rodriguez Nicca
2014 Dir. Kevin McCarthy Lucy
2013 Dir. Lauren Ciaravalli Margarita de la Costa
2013 Dir. Kane Chiang Marie
2013 Dir. Marc Wilkins Secretary
2013 Dir. Carlos Baptista Manuela
2010 Dir. Dennison Ramahlo Nikki






Theater Institute, Postgraduate of Scenography & Digitial Media, Light & Body, Barcelona
Theater Institute, Department of Dance, Laboratory of creation, Barcelona
Acting & vocal coach for project The Testament of Maria, Teatro Off, Valencia, Spain
Seminar: Presence & the physicality of text, Dancecentrum Syd, Malmö, Sweden
Seminar: Presence & the physicality of text, Navel Art, Madrid, Spain
Institut del Teatre, Barcelona. Methods of Mise en Scène, Barcelona, Spain
University of Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid Physical preparation, Vocal & Acting exercises, Methods of Mise en Scène & Improvisation
Acting coach & dramaturg for project Ursäkta Oss, Dansens Hus, Sweden
In-Discourse, Malmö, Sweden. Seminar of acting, voice & text for the project The Doctor
Acting & vocal coach, NY, EE.UU
Instituto del Cervantes. NY, EE.UU. Private classes & professor of the Spanish language in basic level for children of 3-14 years of age
Woostergroup Summer Intensive, NY, EE.UU. Physical preparation for young actors
Kookmin & Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul. Choreography & Contemporary Movement
Aristoteles University, Greece. Assistant to profesor Johannes Birringer at the seminar: Body-Art & Technological Transformation
Seminar Durmitorium. Physical preparation with new interactive technology, Monte Negro

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