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Metamorphosis of Landscapes

Title: Metamorphosis of Landscapes (2021)

Long Duration Video Performance 

Commissioned by: Bangkok Art Biennale Bangkok, 2020-21

Curated by Marina Abramović

Duration: 5 hours

Location: Espai la Filanda, Catalunya, Spain

Video, photography and live streaming: RV Films

Description: Inspired by Loie Fuller’s Serpentine Dance, the performance will take on a new color each hour illuminating different perspectives of the body in continual catharsis.  Having dedicated her life to using her body—through the study and practice of numerous styles of dance—as an instrument to exorcise all that which has been unquiet inside of her, the performer undertakes this piece as a different kind of metamorphosis; here she proposes simple repetition as a means to merge instinct with reason and unlock her body’s intrinsic restorative power. Every human body possesses elements of the sacred and it’s in recognizing that sacred beauty that the body heals.


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