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Nervous System

Title: Nervous System 2020 (2019) 

Collaboration (Dancer) with Choreographer Guillaume Marie and Director Marcel Weber MFO 

Commissioned and produced by Berlin Atonal Festival

Description: An installation-performance comprising dance, spatial sound and holographic imagery where three solitary characters live in isolated translucent cells, and where playful technological companionship exists in a new futuristic network-based society.

Venue: Kraftwerk, Berlin  


Photography: Helge Mundt and Ivana Kličković



Title: Trigger (2008) 

Collaboration (Dancer and Choreographer) with dancer and choreographer: Guillaume Marie

Production and co production: Teatre Lliure and Generalitat de Catalunya, Barcelona.

Description: A visual movement performance inspired by the mysterious death event of Joan Vollmer and William Boroughs that questions their complex and intrinsicate relationship until the moment the trigger was pulled that killed Mrs. Vollmer.

Venue: Festival Radicals, Teatre Lliure, Barcelona.


Photography: Noemi Jariod


Beautiful me

Title: Beautiful Me (2006 - 2008) 

Collaboration (Dancer) with Choreographer Stephanie Tiersch

Production of MOUVOIR/Stephanie Thiersch in cooperation with Freihandelszone Köln, Co-produced by tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf, Romaeuropa Festival, Centro Cultural de Belém. Duplacena Lisboa in the context of the European festival TEMPS D’IMAGES 2006. 

Funded by Ministerpräsidenten des Landes NRW and the Kulturamt der Stadt Köln.

Description: A ‘performance disco’ in the form of a mixture of club culture, contemporary dance, visual arts and sculpture whereby the performance is searching for new definitions of the construct ‘body’ between artificiality and authenticity.

Venues: Romaeuropa Festival Brancaleone, Festival Radicals Teatre Lliure Barcelona, Centro Cultural de Belém Lisboa, Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf, Theatre Alibi Corsica, Brotfabrik Bonn, LOFFT Theatre Leipzig, Festival Zawirowania Warsaw, Poland, Studiobuhne, Theater im Stollwerck and Museum Ludwig Köln


Photography: Piero Tauro  

El Doble Durmiente

Title: El Doble Durmiente (2007) 


Collaboration with: Alex Posada (Digital creator and researcher of interactive and new media)

Co produced by Días de Dansa, Festival Internacional de Danza Barcelona

Description: An interactive heart rate sensor dance performance, where the interior rhythm of the heart pushes the physical body in unison with that of the performers heart.

Exhibition venue: CCCB and Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona


I Am Blood

Title: I Am Blood (2005 - 2007) 

Collaboration (Dancer) with Director Jan Fabre

Produced by Troubleyn Theater Jan Fabre

Description: Je Suis Sang was especially created for the festival of Avignon and custom-made for the Cour d’Honneur of the Palais des Papes, where the suffering of the heretics who were executed,is still palpable, and with which we carry the physical and mental wounds since the Middle Ages.

Co-production and venues: Palais des Papes Cour D’Honneur Festival Avignon, Saitama Gold Theater, Tokyo, Alexander Kasser Theater Montclair, NJ, New York, Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine, deSingel Theater Antwerp


Photography: Emile Zeizig 

History of Tears

Title: History of Tears (2005 - 2007) 

Collaboration (Dancer) with Director Jan Fabre

Produced by Troubleyn Theater Jan Fabre

Description: Inspired by Roland Barthes’ question in Fragments d’un discours amoureux, ‘Who will write the history of tears?’, History of Tears focuses on the relationship between water and the human body. 

Co-production and venues: Palais des Papes Cour D’Honneur Festival Avignon, Cour D’Honneur, Festival Avignon, Muziektheater, Amsterdam, deSingel Theater Antwerp, Hans Christian Andersen Aarhus, Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg, Seoul Arts Center (South-Korea), Bl!ndman Brussels, Cankarjev Dom Ljubljana


Photography: Emile Zeizig and Jan Dekeyser

Provenance Unknow

Title: Provenance Unknown (2006) 


Collaboration with: Alex Posada (Digital creator and researcher of interactive and new media)

Coproduction, residency and subsidy: Monty Theater, Troubleyn Theater and Generalitat de Catalunya.

Description: In this dance performance, technology meets materiality whereby the performer is searching for her own field, coming from a land that is no more (former Yugoslavia), technology became a symbol ‘her own beating heart’ in reconnecting with her own bulb of wireless energy. Homage to Tesla.

Exhibition venue: Troubleyn Theater and Monty Theater, Antwerp


Photography: Filip van Roe and Jan Dekeyser 


La Fabula the Wrong Move

Title: La Fabula The Wrong Move (2005) 


Collaboration with: Alex Posada (Digital creator and researcher of interactive and new media)

Coproduction and residency: Spanish Embassy, Generalitat de Catalunya and Espaco do Tempo.

Description: The interactive heart rate sensor performance questions the relationship between the Self and the ego of an artist dealing with failure.

Exhibition venue: Teatro Curvo Semedo, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal


Photography: Rocio Salceda



Title: Tannhäuser (2004) 

Collaboration (Dancer) with Director Jan Fabre

Production by De Munt / La Monnaie (Brussels) in co-production with Troubleyn Theater Antwerp

Description: In this  innovative approach to the tale of the knight-errant on a quest for the ultimate love, Fabre’s Tannhauser works with geometric patterns: the circle symbolises the cycle of life and death while the rectangle symbolises the lines: a purified world, which supplants the abnormal, is concealed in the tightly orchestrated machinery of an army or a crusade. 

Venue: La Monnaie, Brussels


Photography: Wonge Bergmann

La Donna Manca o Barbiesuperestar

Title: La Donna Manca o Barbiesuperestar (2003 - 2004) 

Collaboration (Dancer) with choreographer and dancer: Sol Picó

Produced and co produced by Company Sol Picó and National Theater of Catalunya

Description: A dance performance that explores the universe of the “Woman”. 

Co Production and venues: National Theater of Catalunya Barcelona and European Tour


Durmitorium a Biopolitik Basna

Title: Durmitorium a Biopolitik Basna Workshop (2002) 

New media performance and educational 

Collaboration (Dancer and Choreographer) with Sound Ingenier Ivan Franco & Architect Marko Brajovic

Commissioned and produced by Summer Academy of Mobile Arts , Montenegro

Description: A workshop on how new media, body, and nature can find creative compromises 

Exhibition venue: The Mountain of Durmitor 


Video: Marko Brajovic

Puppet Master and A Morality Play

Title: Puppet Master and A Morality Play (2000 - 2001)

Collaboration (Dancer) with Choreographer Martin Butler

Produced and co produced by Liminal Institute Martin Butler, Spring Festival  

Description: A diptych showing both sides of human obessions, the part new age religions, the second part amateur sex clubs.

Exhibition venue: Frascati Theater, Amsterdam, Nes Theater, Spring dance Festival Utrecht, Ludwig forum Aachen, Loss theater,Maastricht ,I-camp München, Grand Theatre Groningen, Festival de Mauberg,


Photography: Fleur van Dissel



Title: BOB (2000) 

Collaboration (Dancer) with Choreographer Martin Butler

Produced by Mama gallery Rotterdam  and  Liminal Institute Netherlands 

Description: ‘BOB’s Total Dining Concept” is a multidisciplinary project creating a fashion restaurant based on the idea that no one in fashion ever eats in public. It is a mixture of a fashion show, a dance piece, a concert and a video installation

Exhibition venue: Las Palmas Rotterdam 2001 cultural capital.


Video: Humanoid Rotterdam.



Title: Reminexistance (1998) 


Costume Design: Danai Kasemkulsiri

Description: This movement based performance explores through unidentified genders themes of passion, love and obsession.

Exhibition venue: Cochrane Theatre in collaboration with Saint Martins School of Art, London


Photography: Danai Kasemkulsiri

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