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Title: Split (2015) 

Collaboration (Actress) with Film Director Deborah Kampmeier

Role: Maureen 

Produced by Clear Eye Productions and Full Moon Film


Description: Split is the surreal and epic journey a young woman takes to claim her own darkness and sexuality so she can stop putting it into the hands of her abusive lover.

Film festivals: Cinepolis Cinema, New York, Sarasota Film Festival, Toronto Female Eye Film Festival

Award: Toronto Female Eye Film Festival (Winner Jury Award) 


DP: Alison Kelly 


Title: Early Learnings (2014) 

Collaboration (Actress) with Film Director Chris Rodriguez

Role: Nica

Description: After discovering a mysterious book, a 432 year-old man identifies his role in a series of never-ending universes. Early Learnings is a surreal fever dream entangled in a möbius strip and a fragmented meditation on time, memory, love and the cosmos.

Film festivals: Qualified for the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film


DP: Peter Davis


Early Learnings


Title: Crazed (2014)

Collaboration (Actress) with Film Director Kevin McCarthy

Role: Lucy 

Produced by OcularStorm Productions 

Description: Crazed revolves around vigilante cop Ronan Pierce, fueled by a tragic past, and the recent abduction of his wife McKenzie which has Ronan's appetite for vengeance completely unbounded.

Film festivals: Fantastic Planet Film Festival, ToHorror Film Festival, Italy

Award: Fantastic Planet Film Festival (Independent Spirit Award) 


DP: Alex Van Brande


Dream Date

Title: Dream Date (2012)

Collaboration (Actress) with Film Director Lauren Ciaravalli

Role: Margarita

Description: When a sketch of an artist's 'perfect man' magically comes to life, they embark on a whirlwind Valentine's Day date, but she soon realizes her perfect man may not be her perfect match after all.

Film festivals: NYU First Run Film Festival, New York


DP: Benjamin Dewey 



Title: Affliction (2012) 

Collaboration (Actress) with Film Director Kane Chiang

Role: Marie

Produced by Eric Perez

Description: Marie is determining the best course to take when a fork in the road leads her down a much darker path where she is forced to make one of the most difficult decisions in her life. 

Film festivals: NYC Downtown Film Festival


DP: Horst Dieter Baum 



Title: Manuela (2012) 

Collaboration (Actress) with Film Director Carlos Amaral Baptista

Role: Manuela 

Produced by Maira Shakhanova 

Description: Manuela tells the story of a Dominican immigrant arriving in New York City. Oppressed by the city and the environment she struggles to make it and remain sane. 

Film festivals: NYC Downtown Film Festival


DP: Steven Latta 


The Artist is Present

Title: The Artist is Present (2012)

Collaboration (Performance Artist )with Performance Artist Marina Abramovic 

Film Director: Matthew Akers 

Co-Director: Jeff Dupre 

Production Company: Show of Force, New York 

Description: Documentary that follows the Serbian performance artist as she prepares for a retrospective of her work at The Museum of Modern Art in New York. 

Film festivals: Sundance Film Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival, Provincetown International Film Festival, Berlin International Film Festival


Awards: Emmy News & Documentary Awards, Sheffield International Documentary Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival, Dublin Film Critics Circle Awards, Berlin International Film Festival, Peabody Awards


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