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When Parabola Take Over Thee

Title: When Parabola Take Over Thee (2003) 

Residency and creation: Colina Artist Residency


Description: "When Parabola Takes Over Thee" is a dynamic video installation. Shoot in a 13th-century Portuguese convent,  Maria Stamenković Herranz selected the men's toilets as her canvas. Through a pixelated lens in 2003, imperfections became raw material, a digital "bug" in the system. Maria directs the performers in real time, but their actions arrive with a seven-second delay. In another chamber, an audience witnesses the dance of reality and technology. This delay births a moment where technology gains autonomy, questioning existence itself. Past and present converge in enchanted harmony. Maria's work explores the interplay of art, space, and technology in When Parabola Takes Over Thee.

Exhibition venue: Convento de Montemor-o-Novo


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