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Do U C Me You

Title: Do U C Me You (2005) 

Collaboration with: Alex Posada (Digital creator and researcher of interactive and new media)

Residency: International Interaktions laboratory, former Coal Mine, Goettelborn


In the depths of Saarbrücken's coal mine, I uncovered a tapestry woven with history, technology, and human resilience. During my stay at the coal mine, it led me on a profound exploration of a place that once echoed with the toil of generations.The mine, a silent witness to the Industrial Revolution, reverberates with echoes of an era long past. Here, where a hundred men toiled, I encountered a stark dissonance – the divide between reality and the mediated world of webcams.
This dissonance became my canvas, emblematic of our evolving relationship with technology. Abandoned by society, these spaces held stories awaiting reclamation.
Among the remnants of those who toiled, I felt the enduring energy of the miners. In my exploration, I chose the top of one of the coal mines buildings as a symbol of life's essence as if bestowed by 'Mother Earth'. And thereby through a webcam's lens, I embarked on a meditative journey through time. 

The resulting video installation is a testament to the passage of time, juxtaposing human industry with nature's gifts. Inviting viewers to witness the harmony of technology and nature, to reflect on our role as stewards of this equilibrium. 

'Do You C Me You' is a meditation on our legacy and our responsibility in shaping the future.

Exhibition venue: Saarbrucken Gallery y Métronom Barcelona


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