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fragile panic

Title: Fragile Panic (2022)

Long Durational Performance 

Commissioned by: Martch Art Project Gallery, 2022

Duration: 4h, 3 days & 12 hours

Location: Martch Art Project Gallery, Istanbul

Video: Emre Pekçakır

Editing: Ufuk Yeşiloğlu


Each day for four hours, Maria gradually drank one litre of water. With her bladder swelling, she (ad)dressed her past wounds by wrapping them in red and white striped duct tape. In doing so she enveloped herself in a protective skin that insulated her from exterior harm while trapping that which the body (urine) and mind (trauma) needed to relieve. The restrained body, increasingly mutilated by the care and protection it continued to give itself, became overwhelmed by these opposing forces and eventually entered a panic state where shame and surrender were unavoidable, symbolising the experience of the individual in times of war.

Thank you to: Bahar Kizgut, Rik Reinking, Umut Durmuş, Serge Le Borgne, Guillaume Marie, Bengü Gün.
In collaboration with photographer Korhan Karaoysal


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