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My Revolution is Better Than Yours

Title: My Revolution is Better Than Yours (2018-2020) 

Collaboration (Actress) with Director Sanja Mitrović 

Roles: Rudie Dutschke, Maria from Movie Viva Maria played by Jeanne Moreau,  British Officer and Peter Uhl

Commissioned and produced by Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers Paris and KVS Brussels

Description: My Revolution Is Better Than Yours is inspired by the international protests of ’68 as one of the first genuinely global phenomenons, its potential legacy, as well as perceptions of this turbulent period from half a century distance.

Production: Sanja Mitrović / Stand Up Tall Productions (BE) in cooperation with Centre Dramatique National Nanterre-Amandiers (FR)

Venues: Centre Dramatique National Nanterre-Amandiers, Paris  (FR), Centre Dramatique National Nanterre-Amandiers – Nanterre, Paris (FR), Le Maillon Théâtre de Strasbourg Scène Européenne, Strasbourg (FR), Centre Dramatique National Orléans, Orleans (FR), NEXT Festival / La rose des vents, Scène Nationale Lille Metropole, KVS – Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg / Het Brussels Stadstheater, Brussels (BE), Festival Reims Scènes d’Europe, Reims (FR)


Photography: Martin Argyroglo

The Public

Title: The Public by Federico Garcia Lorca (2015 - 2017) 

Collaboration (Actress) with Director Alex Rigola

Role: Helen 

Produced: Teatro de La Abadía Madrid and Teatre Nacional de Catalunya Barcelona 

Description: Written in 1929-30 by Federico G.Lorca, The Public talks about the theater and about desires through the game of masks. Where fiction and reality are superimposed, and whereby the identities are in a continuous metamorphosis, incessantly pursuing authenticity, honesty and freedom.

Venues: Teatro Calderón Valladolid, Teatro Principal de Vitoria, Teatro Bretón Logroño, Teatro Romea Murcia, Teatro de la Abadía Madrid, Teatro Principal Ourense, Teatro Jovellanos Gijón, Auditorio del Niemeyer Aviles, Teatro Central Sevilla, Teatro Alhambra Granada, National Theater Budapest, Teatro Principal Zaragoza


Photography: Ros Ribas and M.S.H.

The Doctor

Title: The Doctor (2016) 

Collaboration (Director) with Performer and Producer Khamlane Halsackda

Commissioned and produced by Dansstationen, Malmö

Description: The Doctor, an auto-biographical theater work, attempts to recall what Khamlane remembers about his family's flight from Laos, across the Mekong river, and in the process revealing the human condition in its most glorious and also darkest moments. The Doctor brings to the forefront how issues on cultural adjustments and traditions can catapult a division of what it is to be expected by a son who after all takes on a western approach to a new way of life.

Venue: Dansstationen, Malmö


Photography: Alexis Rodriguez Cancino

Tiger Tail

Title: Tiger Tail by Tennessee Williams (2013)

Collaboration (Actress) with Director Karen Kohlhaas

Role: Baby Doll 

Commissioned and produced by Atlantic Studios, New York

Description: Tiger Tail is about a special kind of triangular relationship, Tennessee Williams style. The setting is his favored rural Mississippi but the tale is at least as old as the commedia dell'arte. Here the cuckolded husband, young wife and lover come with a full load of Williams's sarcasm loaded onto each character. 

Venue: Atlantic Studios, New York


Photography: Karen Kohlhaas

Off the Muff

Title: Off The Muff (2013)

Collaboration (Actress) with Director Elisa Blynn

Commissioned and produced by Elisa Blynn

Description: A theatrical art installation in which an ensemble of women tell non fictional true stories "from the perspective of their vaginas." 

Venue: White Box Gallery, New York


Photography: Eliot Goldstein

Acts of Love

Title: Acts of Love (2013)

Collaboration (Actress) with Actor and Director David Deblinger

Commissioned and produced by Ella Lounge and Enforced Entertainment 

Description: A Monologue about a pivotal act of love in teenage years during the Yugoslavia war

Venue: Ella Lounge, New York


Photography: David Deblinger

Lucky Penny

Title: Lucky Penny (2012) 

Collaboration (Actress) with Actor and Director David Deblinger

Description: A story about the son and his father 

Venue: Cherry Lane Theater, New York

My Albatross

Title: My Albatross (2012) by Mary Lynn Ceaser  

Collaboration (Actress) with Director Jessica Jaber

Role: Cassandra 

Commissioned and produced by The Root Collective

Venue: Bank Street Theater, New York


Title: Aelita (2012)


Description: An interactive performance based on the Russian movie character Aelita (Revolt of the Robots), whereby the performer communicates via writing in her book, intending to find a new way of communication through slowing time and nonverbal talk. 

Venue: Sleep No More, McKittrick Hotel, New York


Photography: Desiree De Cahlo

Teach Us That This Is Not A Love Song

Title: Teach Us That This Is Not A Love Song (2012)


Description: A one-act play centered around the mysterious disappearance of a mother.The play uses elements of magical realism to bring into question the ways in which a family’s dysfunction can be passed down through generations, scarring its children and creating lifelong struggles for them to obtain solid ground on which to stand.

Venue: Bank Street Theater, New York

Full for Love

Title: Full for Love & Closer by Sam Shepard and Patrick Marber (2011)

Roles: May & Alice

Collaboration (Actress) with Director Charles Goforth

Venue: Center Stage , New York

Dia de los Muertos

Title: Dia de los Muertos by Anthony P. Pennino (2011)

Collaboration (Actress) with Director Alberto Bonilla

Roles: Pilar & Greta 

Commissioned and produced by Latea Theater, New York

Description: Dia De Los Muertos is a bilingual Western set in Mexico, with Spanish and English dialogue, Irish terrorists from 1916, and magical realism. 

Venue: Latea Theater, New York

The Crying Body

Title: The Crying Body (2004) 

Collaboration (Actress) with Director Jan Fabre

Produced by Troubleyn/Jan Fabre Antwerp

In coproduction with Théâtre de la Ville Paris, deSingel Antwerp and Tramway Glasgow

Description: The performance examines the body with its research focused on the crying body and its various manifestations, where the body no longer contains a story or a character. Instead, it is reduced to primal matter. It simultaneously is the subject and object.

Venues: deSingle Antwerp, Théâtre de la Ville, Teatro Out Off Milano and Tramway Theater Glasgow.


Photography: Maarteen Vanden Abeele

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