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"This Mortal House Building1"
ed. Palais Books 2023

Author Maria Stamenković Herranz

Preface by Marina Abramović 

Introduction by Marianna Gelussi

Layout by Yann Linsart

"As a performing interdisciplinary artist, moving through various forms, I thought a lot about the legacy of ephemeral art. I discovered there are two key ingredients in each: presence and creating a trace.

Being present creates vibration.

Vibration creates echo.

Echo creates a trace of energy."


Screen Shot 2023-07-24 at 19.34.10.png

The book «This Mortal House Building 1» by Maria Stamenković Herranz, published by Palais Books, aims to translate the artist’s performance at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Istanbul, into an editorial form.
For 24 days, MSH constructed a blindfolded maze of bricks within the museum’s space, only todestroy it on the final day.
Using numerous photographs documenting theperformance, the book offers a non-linear reading experience, subject to itsown constructions and deconstructions.
Unbound, like a journal, the reader is invited to follow two sets of numbering, one in Arabic numerals and the other in Roman numerals. The first reading provides a chronological account of the event, while the second grants access to additional texts and images. These different paths lead to both a visual andmental labyrinth. By folding, unfolding, and assembling the sheets in various ways, readers areencouraged to alter their experience of the book and gain a uniqueunderstanding of the performance.

"Built to Unbuild

Build a labyrinth, build a timeline, build a book.
Build documentation, build a connection to Maria Stamenković Herranz’s work.

Consider the relationship between the artist and the public, the book
and the reader. The experience of an editorial labyrinth, guided by two
sets of numbers.

Brick by brick, page by page.

Without binding."

Yann Linsart

Release Date: 09/11/2023
Format: Folder, Unbound, in a Cardboard Folder
Language: English
500 copies
88 pages
Closed dimensions: 235 x 310 mm
Unfolded dimensions: 470 x 310 mm

Yann Linsart
Palais Books
10 rue du Plan de la Cour
13200 Arles, France

Edition of 500 copies

Special editions of 5 copies, signed and with certificate


Thank you to:
My family, Marina Abramović, Thanos Argyropoulos, Hüma Arslander, Nazli Beser, Serge Le Borgne, Umut Durmuş, Corey Eastwood, Paula Garcia, Marianna Gelussi, Nazan Olcer, Sophie Ozanne, Federica Sandretti, SMITH, Sergio Valenzuela-Escobedo and Billy Zhao.

Special thanks to:

Yann Linsart and Delphine Manjard from Palais Books with whom this book would have not been possible to make.

Thank you

Louis Bertho, Bengü Gün, Bahar Kizgut, Rik Reinking, Gloria Stafforini, Melisa Tapan, Giovanni Vaccari and Famil Zamanli.

Performance curated by Paula Garcia
and Serge Le Borgne, MAI.

Photos of construction:
Korhan Karaoysal
Photos of destruction:
Canber Kulusan
Other images:
Umut Durmuş, Ayse Yarar, Damla Bakıcı, Hasret Şahin, Ayça Ceylan, Banu
Kanibelli, Deniz Kolos

Maria Stamenković Herranz,
Marianna Gelussi,
Marina Abramović
Graphic design:
Yann Linsart
Photo engraving:
Xavier Tulleuda Nieto, Barcelona


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