5250 Bricks (20x10x5 cm)

150 bricks per layer of wall

175 cm height

110 cm passage between walls

Each brick requires 2 ½ minutes of work

218,75 brick per day

6 days a week, 8 hours a day

The performer will spend 24 days constructing her own labyrinth from the inside out.

Using the blueprint for Daedalus’ original Cretan labyrinth, as well the new forms of communication that will inevitably arise as her other senses are heightened, the blindfolded performer will excavate and physically map out the buried, imprisoned contents of her spirit.

As the labyrinth changes shapes and evolves in perpetual construction further entrapping the performer corporeally, and, as she endures, and navigates her self-imposed blindness, she seeks to escape her

self-imprisonment by openly manifesting it. In doing so, she, like Cleopatra, will take full responsibility for her freedom.

Week One

This Mortal House, Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul
This Mortal House, Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul

Week Two

Photo Korhan Karaoysal,Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul
Photo M.S.H., Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul

Week Three

“The poem, the song, the picture, is only water drawn from the well of the people, and it should be given back to them in a cup of beauty so that they may drink - and in drinking understand themselves” Federico Garcia Lorca

Week Four

Photo Korhan Karaoysal, Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul
Photo Korhan Karaoysal, Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul
Photo Korhan Karaoysal, Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul
Day Twenty One 
The day I crossed the threshold
Photo Billy Zhao, Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul
Photo Umut Durmuş, Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul
“Sir, I will eat no meat, I'll not drink, sir;
If idle talk will once be necessary,
I'll not sleep neither: this mortal house I'll ruin,
Do Caesar what he can. Know, sir, that I
Will not wait pinion'd at your master's court;
Nor once be chastised with the sober eye
Of dull Octavia. Shall they hoist me up
And show me to the shouting varletry
Of censuring Rome? Rather a ditch in Egypt
Be gentle grave unto me! rather on Nilus' mud
Lay me stark naked, and let the water-flies
Blow me into abhorring! rather make
My country's high pyramides my gibbet,
And hang me up in chains!”
Anthony and Cleopatra, Shakespeare

This Mortal House

Title: This Mortal House (2020)

Long Durational Performance 

Commissioned by: Sakip Sabanci Museum (SSM) and MAI, Istanbul, 11 February - 8 March 2020

Curated by Paula Garcia and Serge Le Borgne, MAI

Duration: 4 weeks, 6 days a week, 8h a day.

Exhibition venue: Sakip Sabanci Museum, Istanbul

Photography: Korhan Karaoysal, Umut Durmuş, Billy Zhao, Nazli Beser, Serge Le Borgne, M.S.H, and Kays Aykut.