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"To understand Maria Stamenković Herranz's performance, it is important to be physically presentand emotionally involved, observing and revisiting the performance at different times of the day and week. After she has broken all of the walls down and the audience is confronted by just piles of bricks, we the public are left with a different emotional responses about life and death and the fragility and temporary nature of human existence".

Marina Abramović

"She encourages participation, demands an act of responsibility and freedom from the active spectator, confirming that the performance is indeed a cathartic transformation for the artist but firmly rests on the relationship between the two parties, an experience of mutual emancipation".

Marianna Gelussi

selected projects:

BOOK: "This Mortal House Building1" ed. Palais Books 2023

The book «This Mortal House Building 1» by Maria Stamenković Herranz, published by Palais Books, aims to translate the artist’s performance at the Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Istanbul, into an editorial form.
For 24 days, MSH constructed a blindfolded maze of bricks within the museum’s space, only todestroy it on the final day.
Using numerous photographs documenting theperformance, the book offers a non-linear reading experience, subject to itsown constructions and deconstructions.
Unbound, like a journal, the reader is invited to follow two sets of numbering, one in Arabic numerals and the other in Roman numerals. The first reading provides a chronological account of the event, while the second grants access to additional texts and images. These different paths lead to both a visual andmental labyrinth. By folding, unfolding, and assembling the sheets in various ways, readers areencouraged to alter their experience of the book and gain a uniqueunderstanding of the performance.

Launch:  9 November 2023 at Polycopies Paris

Signing: 11 November at Polycopies Paris

Palais Books Editions

FAIR: Paris Photo 2023

Partecipating in Main Sector with Gallery Martch Art Project Istanbul

Paris Photo Fair

PERFORMANCE ART: This Mortal House Building 1, 2020 


"Metamorphosis of Landscapes", Art Biennal of bangkok, 2021, commissioned by Marina Abramovic Institute

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"Fragile Panic", Martch Art Project Gallery, Instabul, 2022

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"Medea", Benaki Museum Athens, 2016, commissioned by Marina Abramovic Institute

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VISUAL ART: Selection of videos

"Do U C Me You", Saarbrücken Gallery, Saarbrücken, Germany, 2005

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"Parabola takes over Thee", Convento Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal, 2003

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